Upcoming Events

Senior Saints
You may retire from work, but you never retire from the work of the Lord. Our ministry gives senior adults a place to continue to grow in their faith and to show the wisdom they have achieved through experience.

Couples for Christ
We trust that you will come and join our married adults class. The Bible speaks much of how to build a successful marriage. As two become one in holy matrimony, two worlds seem to colide together. God wants your marriage to be a happy and joyous experience, and our desire is to give every couple the Biblical tools to have a godly and successful marriage.

Ladies of Grace
Our Ladies of Grace class is made up of ladies with many different living situations. The class is designed to give solid spiritual instruction to help these women to succeed in their walk with the Lord. The Bible speaks of many women who were shining examples of Christian character, and together you can live fruitful lives for Christ. 

In any growing church there is a growing youth group. The teen years have always been difficult to live through, but in these very difficult days these teenagers will hear lessons from the Word of God that will help them through the struggles in a changing world. We look forward to your teens come and learn to serve the Lord through the church.

We have a wonderful staff of volunteers who are dedicated in provided a loving and caring atmosphere for your children. These teachers are trained to give good Biblical instruction to your children. Our goal is to help the parents teach their children about Christ as they go through these foundational years.

Because we believe that the family has a responsibility to serve the Lord together, we are excited to tell you about this ministry. In our preschool age classes, we strive to provide an environment that will best meet the needs of your children. Even in this age group, we are convinced that we have the responsibility to provide a class that will lay the beginning foundations of Christianity for your child. 

We have a beautiful nursery with a wonderful staff who will care for your babies while you enjoy the services. We are currently remodeling the nursery area so that we can better and more effeciently serve your family.



Bellwood Baptist Church

located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130